I got a press accreditation for this little tiny summer festival near Zuerich. Honestly it was the first time I asked for one. Walking around with a press badge around the neck is somehow strange, but feeeeeels very good. So I took about 2200 pictures the whole day. Simon / Never Blond / Ricky Harsh / All To Get Her / Dabu fantastic / The Three Summ / Kunz and ZiBBZ. After processing a lot of images, I think I have to improve a lot in my photography. First off all I need a smaller lens, maybe a 35mm for closer shots. Better would be a second camera or I try the Fujifilm X100s. Switching lenses during a shoot is not cool, takes time and dustes the sensor. Exceptional all images taken with the Canon 5DMIII and the 70-200 2.8 lens. Lets see ..... All images here!